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Answers to Questions

I want to include my logo on my awards. Do you accept digital artwork?

Yes, usually with no problems if you provide high resolution PC based artwork. ARTWORK for a complete explanation of our artwork requirements.

What is the usual production time for my order?
Normal production time for most items is 5-10 working days. Large orders or custom designed pieces can take longer and will be quoted prior to the beginning of production. Advising us in advance of your planned presentation date is really important so we must require it from you. We will schedule production to allow ample shipping time for you to receive your awards a few days prior to that date. However, delays in artwork approval or shortened production time could result in the need for Priority shipping and/or Priority or Express Service.

What is your Rush Service all about?
We understand that sometimes the need for an award comes up unexpectedly. When that occurs, we are ready, willing and able to help you meet your deadline. In order to maintain our commitment to helping YOU look good, we offer Rush Service on many products - complete with personalized engraving and ready for presentation!

These premium services are available for the following fees:
Next Day Service - product will ship the next business day - $30 additional.

2 Day Service - products will ship by the second business day - $25 additional.

3 Day Service - products will ship by the third business day - $20 additional.

4 Day Service - products will ship by the fourth business day - $10 additional.

Priority and Express Services are subject to availability of inventory and production capacity. Please contact our sales associates at 1-800-929-9110 for more details. We'll do everything in our power to make your awards program a success!

What other special services do you offer?

Fulfillment Services:
Want to establish a recurring recognition program but don't want to store a lot of products? We offer complete fulfillment services as part of our extensive customer support program. We can maintain your inventory of gifts, awards, promotional products, etc. and have them personalized and shipped to your offices or event in plenty of time for presentation. As an additional commitment to you, we can also insert your cards or letters with each package so your winner is sure to get your message of congratulations. Contact Customer Service for more details!

Online Webstores:

We can design an e-commerce website to allow you to show your awards, promotional products and company wearables online. It facilitates the ordering process for you and means you don't need to keep the company store in your building. Great for companies with multiple manufacturing locations or offices around the country. Call 1-800-929-9110 and ask for details.

Decorating Options:



            Decorative stitching on fabric that evolved from handwork to today’s high-speed, computerized multi-head machines.

Benefit: Wide range of effects in both texture and thread color with high durability and perceived value.


            A printing technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil. Nylon inks are best suited to any fabric with a high nylon content or stretch factor (such as polyester and lycra), white plastisol inks work best on cotton products.

Benefit: Suitable for large format applications at a low cost.


            The process of transferring images to a large variety of products without messy inks by-products or screens is possible with Heat Transfer Technology.

Benefit: High resolution heat transfers are clean and can be applied quickly with durable result.

DEBOSSING:            Depressed imprint created by a machine pressing a dye into the surface of fabric or material. Popular in leather decoration.

Benefit: Strong yet subtle effect without damaging the garmet.

EMBOSSING:            A raised surface effect achieved on fabric by means of passing cloth through a series of engraved rollers that impart figures or designs to its surface. Rollers work through heat and pressure.

Benefit: Subtle effect with raised relief and clean edges.

Do you offer Custom Design Services?


Unlike many smaller awards companies, we maintain a complete art department as one of the most important parts of our customer service. Using our creative resources, we can design and execute an award that will be unique to your organization. You can see some of our work in the Custom Awards section of this site. Let us turn your concepts into reality! Contact us today!

How much does engraving or etching cost?
Most lettering for our products in this website is included at NO ADDITIONAL COST. Perpetual plaques, Medallions and Medals would be the exception. Some items (etched marble and crystal for example) may require a Setup Fee, which is indicated with the item pricing. Most items do not have a setup charge. There is typically only one Setup Fee for all items of a common type. For instance, if you ordered five pieces of a crystal vase, only one Setup Fee would apply for all five. This allows you to amortize the cost of each Setup Fee across the total number of awards. Our Setup Fee covers the cost of prepping each item for etching or engraving. Our order form is custom designed to give you the lettering limits for each item in our online catalog. Please contact our customer service department at 1-800-929-9110 if you require more than the space provided.


Will I be notified when my order does ship?

Yes, we will email you with notification that your order has shipped, including courier tracking information.

What methods of shipping are available and at what cost?

We will ship your order via UPS Ground service unless otherwise instructed by you at the time of your order. Orders requiring special shipping (UPS 3 Day Select, UPS Blue Label or UPS Red Label) will be charged for shipping costs accordingly.

What if my awards arrive damaged or engraved incorrectly?
Your order passes through three Quality Control stations prior to being shipped to you. However, in the event we make an error, we will replace the incorrect piece(s) as quickly as possible at our sole expense. If the error was on your part (i.e. incorrect spelling for a name) we will still replace the incorrect piece(s) as quickly as we can for a nominal fee. Regardless of the nature of the error, we will make every effort to have the corrected awards to you in time for presentation.

If your order was damaged in shipping, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you retain all packaging and wrapping materials for UPS or FedEx inspection. Please inspect the exterior of your packages carefully upon receipt and report any obvious damage to the courier. In the event of damage, we will assist you in any way possible.

Can I return any items for a refund?

No products may be returned without prior approval from our customer service department. Because of the highly personalized nature of award products, only items received late or incorrect are eligible for refund consideration. Most of our products are not reusable after they have been engraved or etched, though in some cases, an engraving plate can be replaced in order to utilize the award for a different occasion or recipient. Please contact us to discuss this on a case-by-case basis.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We will accept MasterCard, Visa or American Express via the Internet at time of order. Your card will be charged when the order is placed.

Will my order and credit card information be safe?

We use secure online ordering but regardless of what happens on our site - a slip of the mouse (unlikely), a security breach (highly unlikely) there is no risk to you. In the case of credit card fraud, this means that we'll pick up the first $50, and the credit card company will take responsibility for the rest. In addition, we'll do our very best to work with the credit card company to assure that the problem is resolved with minimum hassle.  

Will you sell or otherwise distribute my email address or other information about me?

We have no interest in selling personal information. The very nature of our business is to maintain strict privacy. RCB Awards will never willfully sell, trade, rent, disclose, or make available personally identifiable information about you to any third part without first receiving your permission.  Privacy Policy.
How can I establish an open credit account with RCB Awards?

You can download our Credit Application (70k self-extracting .pdf file) here. Or you can contact us via e-mail, snail mail, or telephone and we can send you a credit application. Our accounting staff will be available to help you in any way necessary. A deposit is required on all orders on account.

Can you get hats and embroidered jackets for our service department?

Tons of hat styles and dozens of work jackets are available for embroidery. Talk to Customer Service: Contact Us for more information or to answer any other questions not shown here.  


I forgot to order medals for the awards dinner. Can I pick up something this afternoon?

We specialize in fast turnaround and we can accommodate most requests

I need 1,000 cheap pens with our logo and phone number on them. Can you get them by the end of the week?
We can deliver this in 3-4 days for $.25 each.

Do you make plaques on site?

Plaques are made on site in our facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which allows for a quick turnaround time as well as the opportunity for a customer to be involved with the design of the award as well as proofing of each stage of construction.

Are you able to handle orders outside of the Milwaukee area? Nationally? Internationally?

We deliver world wide, and take orders from everywhere.

Can you engrave bottles and glassware?

Most bowls, glasses and bottles can be engraved up to 12” in diameter. The glassware can be engraved or etched depending on what is required.

Can you sand carve?

State of the art sand carving equipment allows us to personalize your glass, crystal, ceramic or marble award or gift with beautiful glass carvings. Multi layer depths and graphic designs also available. This is the prefered method of etching glass, crystal and marble, far superior to laser engraving. 


Do you carry Waterford crystal awards?

We carry a complete line of Waterford crystal. In addition, we carry a gift line of crystal designed for wedding favors, all ready to be engraved. If you don't see it on our website, just ask, we carry almost all crystal and other types of awards.

Do you engrave jewelry?

Yes, we do. We can engrave ID bracelets, the insides of rings and bangles, watches and brooches as well as just about anything.

Do you engrave pens?

We can engrave pens, clocks and many other items that you may have purchased elsewhere and need personalized. We also can supply you with all manner of gift items.

Do you offer contracts for year round service or just events one at a time?

Most of our corporate accounts set up programs that run annually, quarterly or monthly.

I was looking into a trophy or plaque purchase, what about it can I customize?

Just about everything can be personalized on a plaque or trophy. Plaques can carry a company logo, a photograph, a graphic image, a drawing, a signature, and any text that is needed. On trophies, not only can we personalize the plate with logo and text, either engraved or in color, but we often can build a disc holder to hold a 2” full color disc with a sponsor logo or club logo. In our Trophy Builder tab, you can see for yourself how different you can custom make a trophy. You select the columns, base, figurines and trim. Check it out.

Our company has 23 locations and we will need plaques sent to each of them. Can you ship directly to the remote locations?
We handle a lot of fulfillment programs and can ship directly to any location worldwide.

What does trophy personalization cost?

Depends on the technique, quantity of trophies and level of personalization required. Orders placed on our website have free engraving.

What is gold foil transfer?

Gold foil transfer allows 24K gold to be applied to soft objects like leather bound bibles, portfolios, stiff sided cardboard covers and other material. This means that you can personalize a family bible, or a special gift.

What is your typical turnaround time for a single large trophy engraved with team name?

We ask for 1-2 weeks. Most projects can be turned around on a rush basis much quicker. You will need to ask if it is urgent.

What methods of payment or credit cards do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, local & corporate checks.


What type of artwork from our company do you require?

Logo artwork used for personalization into various products must be in an acceptable format to ensure good quality results in the personalization method used. The process used for personalization is different than the process used for printing on your printer. An image that looks good on a printer, may not personalize well on a product.

Printers can handle grayscales of artwork which creates a smoothing effect in the printed result. Laser engraving using a burning technique to burn the image into the product and thus burns each pixel, regardless of shade level found in grayscale images. Sandcarving must have crisp clear lines to etch. Screen printing must have color separations.

For personalization, acceptable file formats include the following:

TIFF, BMP, JPG or other Raster images that are 1-Bit black and white camera ready artwork. No Grayscale. Should be in a minimum of 300 DPI resolution. Note: original EPS files are the preferred format.

CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, EPS, PDF vector artwork that has all text converted to curves or outlines.

We accept both PC and MAC artwork files.

Unacceptable Files

JPG or GIF images or other low resolution images converted to a TIFF or BMP and even if the resolution is changed to 300 dpi, are not acceptable if the original image was less than 300 DPI. Simply resaving a file as a new file type, does not increase the quality of the pixels in the artwork itself. Images from web sites are typically in 72 or 96 DPI. Please contact your company's graphic department to obtain a High Resolution logo, vs using one off your company's web site.

If you do not have a high resolution image or must use one from your company's web site, please be aware that the end result of the personalization may not look professional. We can re-design the image if you prefer using the artwork you supply from your company's web site, however there is a graphic design charge of $60/hour billable in 15 minute increments.

Do not embed image files inside of word documents or other documents such as spreadsheets, rather provide the raw artwork file itself.

Stock Artwork

Our company maintains a database of over 80,000 standardized company logos and artwork files. In most cases, we may have your companies logo already on file in a laser engravable format. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What tools or equipment do you use?
RCB Awards uses a variety of personalization methods including burnishing, etching, engraving, sand carving, silk screening, embroidery and color imprinting on metal, fabric and other substrates. 

What is your typical turnaround time for an allotment of medals.

Medals depend on how they are manufactured. At one end are the custom cast or die struck medals that are unique to one design. A mold takes 3-4 weeks to make, and a production order will run 3-4 more weeks. Generic custom medals that have been cast or die struck are often in stock and if not, we can get them inside of a week. For smaller runs, we can also take a full color disc and put it on a medal, with full personalization at a very economical cost. These can be done in several days. 

Do you have any showrooms?
Yes, our home offices and showrooms are located in Milwaukee, WI.
The address is:

RCB Awards

8000 W. Capitol Dr.

Milwaukee, WI 53222

Showroom hours for our location is:
Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

What if I have more questions?

Please Contact Us for more information or to answer any other questions not shown here.

More Questions? Call us! 800-929-9110, or email: We will get back to you the same day. 


Acceptable Art

Vector Art versus Bitmap Art: What's the difference? We usually need vector art.
Vector art is one of the two forms of art used by computers, with the other form being bitmap art. Bitmap art is identified as art with file names ending in .GIF, .BMP, .JPEG, .JPG, and .PCX. Vector art, on the other hand, ends in .EPS. Vector art and bitmap art are different in the way they are stored in the art files. Bitmap art utilizes pixels that are saved in a file as a series of numbers. Pixels create several dots of color in order to create the image, which is how the human eye sees pictures.
Vector art, on the other hand, saves the image as lines with coordinates of their starting and ending points. This creates simple images, and research has demonstrated that this is the way the human brain sees and stores images.
Vector art is easier for a computer to save than bitmap images and takes up less space on a file, which is likely why the brain saves images in the same way. In fact, a poster-sized image saved as vector art will only take up a few kilobytes of memory. The same image saved with medium resolution may not even fit on one CD-ROM as a bitmap image. The images in vector art are basic and simplistic, consisting of lines, points, polygons, and curves. Vector art is akin to the type of imaging typically used to create cartoon images found in comic strips. In addition, vector art is typically used to create business logos and signs, making them easy for the brain to remember. In addition to taking up less computer space to save and to process, there are some other advantages associated with using vector art rather than bitmap art. One of these advantages is the fact that vector art images can be easily enlarged without distorting the image.
Bitmap art, on the other hand, becomes jagged when enlarged, as the squares used to create the image are enlarged. Another advantage to vector art is the fact that each line within the image is representative of a single object. This makes it easier to re-edit vector art as necessary.
The same is not true of bitmap art.
What type of art do you have? A quick and easy test, is to grab a corner of the art with your mouse and pull making the image larger. Does it grow proportionally, nice and clean and smooth? Probably Vector Art. Does the image become pixalated or seem to have jagged edges as it expands? Probably a bitmap image.
Can I use art from my website? Almost universally, the answer is NO. While some corporations do make acceptable vector artwork of their logos available on their website, because they are asked for it so often, most logos that you copy off of a website (right click, file save as ...) are unsuitable for use in making awards as they are so low resolution and small in size that the quality is too poor. The old saying, garbage in - garbage out, really stands true here.


 RCB provides creative solutions for recognition and promotion to their customers that help inspire and motivate people to achieve great things. Whether it’s an employee incentive program, donor recognition, or simply a way to honor those who do their very best, we help organizations “Light the torch” of motivation and inspiration. RCB also provides you with the means by which to honor those who shine brightly, no matter the challenge.   

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