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Glass Awards

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  Glass Awards
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Glass Awards

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Glass awards provide the most elegant and richness in award design. Available in many rich and elegant designs and styles for any occasion. Glass Awards are unmatched in beauty, elegance and style. Each glass award is sand blasted to provide with the utmost detail in the engraving artwork.

Sandcarving (glass etching) is widely recognized as the best method of engraving all forms of glass and crystal. These items hold the highest value of any engraved item, mainly because of the preserved detail and depth sandcarving achieves, equating to beautiful works of art. This beauty originates from the relief (depth) sandcarving creates in glass and crystal, which cannot be matched by other forms of engraving on the market today. Our customers tend to fall in love with the sandcarved look after they physically feel the depth relief in the glass, which is no surprise to us!

For customers that ask about "Glass Recycling", this is what happens to the scrap glass at our supplier. Every week they create between 2 and 3 tons of glass offcuts from the glass cutting processes, and also from products that do not make the final inspection cut. Offcuts that are too small to produce any of our products are all 100% RECYCLED. Up to a maximum of 10% of recycled glass is used as "cullet" which is re-melted and combined with new glass to make sheet glass. The rest ends up as colored glass bottles and containers, and can be recycled over and over again.

Glass is one of the few materials on the planet that is truly sustainable as nothing goes to waste. It ends up being re-born as a new glass product, over and over again.

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Artistic Glass Awards

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Black Glass Awards

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Clear Glass Awards

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Cobalt Glass Awards

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Crystal Glass Awards

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Golf Glass and Crystal Awards

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Green Glass Awards

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Jade Glass Awards

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Red Glass Awards

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Rosewood Glass Awards

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