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Healthcare Recognition

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There's A Better Way To Recognize Your Loyal People

It's No Secret You Can Do Better. Now is the time to gain more control of expenditures on staffing while improving your existing years of service award program for loyal employees.

According to a recent report:

  • 60% of hospitals lose money providing patient care
  • 30% lose money overall. With reimbursements continually being cut and malpractice skyrocketing, your cash flow is continually impacted.

Here's The Good News about why companies select RCB as their employee service provider:

  1. Getting control of their budget is the #1 reason many organizations have selected the RCB Awards as their employee recognition program provider.
  2. Our engaging gift selection, with 70-100 items??for a recipient to choose??from at each year level.
  3. Our outstanding customer service. Call (800) 929-9110 or send us an email now for more information. We make it easy to order and run your program.

Maybe it's a good time to TAKE A FRESH LOOK at your years of service award program spending? Better Pricing is the first place to start.

  • Better Pricing is An Option You Will Appreciate Immediately.
    You Can Do Better. To gain control of expenditures on staffing you need to get control of your budget, including what you spend on your years of service awards.
    RCB Awards can show you how with a budget saving process we call 'Plateau Pricing'. Never experience 'budget surprises' again! Guaranteed.
  • Better Selection is An Option Your People Will Appreciate More.
    You Can Do Better. In today's diverse workplace a large, engaging gift selection will add value 'above and beyond' what your people have experienced with the more ordinary years of service award programs.
  • Better Service means Better Customer Satisfaction.
    You Can Do Better. We understand that customer service in our business implies accountability to at least (2) two customer groups - you, the administrator, and your people, the recipients of your recognition and by proxy their friends, family, and peers. We will insure all your service-level agreement goals are met and exceeded.

Healthcare Service Awards Healthcare Recognition


Healthcare Service Awards

5 Tips to Increase Healthcare Worker Engagement & Your Bottom Line

With the rising costs of healthcare, new government regulations and the added struggle of coping with a shortage of qualified healthcare professionals, RCB Awards understands the struggle that healthcare human resources professionals face on a daily basis to maintain an engaged workforce. By creating a culture of recognition throughout the facility, healthcare organizations are able to set themselves apart from the competition by investing in their most valuable assets – their employees.

1. Create Mentor Programs
By uniting incoming and veteran healthcare workers, your organization will be able to build upon the unique talents that each one holds. New and veteran workers alike will begin sharing ideas, learning from each other, and ultimately creating a strong foundation of engagement throughout the facility.

2. Incorporate Peer-to-Peer Recognition
Allowing workers to recognize each other either through small tokens of appreciation, such as eCards or via a points based strategic recognition platform, your organization will begin to create a culture of recognition and engagement that is ingrained into all aspects of your organization. Peer-to-Peer recognition programs motivate employees, create a team building work environment, and allows
for inter-department recognition.

3. Expand Continuing Education Programs
Providing resources and continuing education programs to healthcare workers shows that your organization is willing to invest in the advancement of your employee’s professional progression. By expanding continuing education programs and recognizing those whom participate, your facility will become known as an employer of choice within the healthcare industry, allowing your organization to be
considered a desirable workplace, capable of pursuing top-notch candidates.

4. Communication Tools: Knowing your audience
Communicating change and new programs can be one of the hardest aspects for any organization. Healthcare facilities have a wide range of employees from administrators, RNs, CNAs, to cafeteria, and janitorial sta. It is important to communicate new programs
to all levels of the organization. This will help ensure total program integration and unite your organization as one inclusive team.

5. Provide Wellness Programs
Corporate wellness programs are not just a way to reduce the healthcare expenses associated with you employees, but are also used to show your commitment to your worker’s well-being as a whole. By incorporating wellness activities in your employee
recognition platform, your organization is able to motivate and incentivize participation in corporate wellness.

According to the World of Work Trends in Employee Recognition report, there has been increased prevalence on employee recognition
programs designed to drive results and change behavior. The report states that 97% of organizations that have a defined recognition
strategy in place state that their programs and their strategy align with the overall goals of the organization. Employee recognition appears to no longer simply be about length of service programs, but is becoming intrinsically more about organizations realizing the impact that total recognition engagement platforms can have on both their employees and their bottom line.

Contact RCB Awards for more information: 800-929-9110.

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