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Sales Recognition & Dealer Recognition

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12 Benefits of Starting a Sales Award & Recognition Program (A) Sales Recognition & Dealer Recognition


12 Benefits of Starting a Sales Award & Recognition Program (A)

Lean About Starting a Sales Recognition Program For Your Company

Businesses from start ups to large corporations can benefit from employee benefit programs designed to increase sales, generate referrals, build customer loyalty and improve employee performance. Whether you are looking to reward your loyal customers, top sales people or distributors. If you are still considering whether or not starting a program is right for you, below are six top benefits and features of starting a sales award and recognition program. If you would like help starting a program, call us at 800-929-9110..

Most successful sales professionals seem to be individuals who focus on their sales goals by separating themselves from the group. A SAP (Sales Award Program) encourages all your sales people to unify and work closer together because their individual results and accomplishments are more visible it seems to raise the efforts of everyone.

As the sales manager for your company, the more you can “touch” each sales person, the more you can motivate them to sell. Unfortunately, the daily role of a sales manager today is filled with a growing number of management and personnel duties. So you simply don’t have time to work with each person individually as much as you would like. So an SAP is a visual motivational tool to help you “keep the pressure on”, to strive for more productivity.

Every department has annual goals. We’ve found that if you ask most sales people what these are throughout the year, less than 10% can actually tell you what they are. And if they are not sure what these goals are, how are you as the sales manager or business owner going hold them accountable or accomplish them? Our programs can be structured around achieving one or all of your departmental goals.

Nothing encourages positive behavior more than being recognized for doing something good. Even though in most sales departments, 80% of the sales come from 20% of the staff, a vital key in building the sales activity of your 20% is making them a part of achievement and/or total results. This builds confidence, and confidence leads to more sales.

Psychologists tell us time and time again how the more you reward individual results, the more often that person will tend to replicate that activity. Over time, if each sales person can replicate a specific activity, which leads to a sale or positive sales function, the results will only be higher productivity for your company.

Most companies find some way of trying to motivate their sales people throughout the year. If you were to look at the total cost of these last minute ideas, they often seem to add up to a significant amount of money. Not to mention that most of these motivational efforts are not accountable. If you are using an incentive that you can’t verify is fruitful, you are wasting money. How many more new business sales do you have to make to pay for this? One company we work with says that they have to generate $6 in new business sales, for each $1 the sales department spends (just to break even).

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